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The Ultimate Area Guide for Living at The Curve

Whitechapel is widely renowned as one of the most buzzing parts of London and it’s also located close to the Aldgate East tube station, giving you access to the entire city network and ideal for reaching local universities like the London School of Economics and Political Science, Queen Mary's and the University of London. And with so much going on in the local area surrounding The Curve, you’ll soon find you’re living right at the very heart of the action. Here are just some of the many highlights of this vibrant district.

London’s Rich Culture

Fans of London’s history, especially the dark side, will be captivated by the Jack the Ripper Museum. You can learn all about the infamous murderer who stalked the streets of Victorian London, through a series of increasingly terrifying interactive exhibits. Nearby there’s also the Royal London Hospital Museum, full of fascinating exhibits from the capital city’s rich and complex medical history.   

Of course, this is fascinating stuff but perhaps not ideal for a date or a relaxing day out. If you’re looking for a more laid-back, cultural expedition, try the Whitechapel Gallery, housed in one of London’s most beautiful Victorian buildings. This gallery features rotating exhibitions of cutting-edge contemporary art and retrospectives featuring major works of Surrealism and Dada. And just next door, you can study at the beautiful Passmore Edwards Library, one of the city’s most admired public libraries. 

Great Green Space

This part of London is full of glorious green space, ideal for a mind-cleansing walk or a picnic or barbecue with friends. Whitechapel boasts the exquisite Swedenborg Gardens and St. George’s Gardens, a pair of wonderful city parks beloved by the locals. 

A World of Food

When it comes to cooking, Whitechapel has a huge number of impressive ethnic food marts. Tian Tian Market, China Ark Supermarket, Bangla Superstore, Mas Bazaar are just a few of the foodie wonderlands clustered in and around The Curve. For amazing ingredients from all over the globe, there’s nowhere better. 

And if you want to eat out, close by you’ll find Pizza Union, which serves up some of the best quality pizza around, and the Japanese and South East Asian restaurant Yuu Kitchen for cutting-edge gastronomic cuisine. The nearby Treves and Hyde is a beautiful, high-end continental restaurant where you can watch the world go by through the glorious floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Then there’s the legendary Brick Lane, only a few steps away from The Curve. Every possible variety of street food, takeaway, and pop-up culinary experience can be found here, from fried prawns sold from a bike, to artisan croissants, to the reliably excellent rice and three curries. And the traders on Brick Lane know exactly what students are looking for, meaning you can be sure to find a wealth of reasonably-priced dining options for those last-minute days out with friends.   

The City’s Finest Pubs and Bars

When it comes to night-time drinks, Apples and Pears is must if you’ve got a taste for sophisticated cocktails, or Dirty Martini if you’re looking for a more devil-may-care party atmosphere. The Leman Street Tavern is a classy take on traditional British drinking, with many carefully-curated craft beers to be sampled. If you have a taste for the juniper berry, The Oliver Conquest specialises in fine gin and a friendly atmosphere, based in a pub that dates back to the 19th century. The Blind Beggar is one of the UK’s most famous pubs, mentioned in countless books and films and a great example of a traditional English public house. 

Whitechapel is packed with things to do and places to see. Start planning your new London right away and find out more about accommodation at The Curve.