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The Students' Guide to Packing

Packing for a week’s holiday is hard enough, let alone for a whole year! Here at The Student Housing Company we’re experts in student living, so let us give you a few tips to make sure you have everything you need.

Personalise Your Bedroom

You’ll probably be sharing some spaces with your fellow students, so your bedroom is the one place you can really make your own.

Posters are a cheap and easy way to express yourself, whilst photos will help you feel connected with home. Believe it or not, little details like this are an easy way to tell people about you, and maybe even meet friends. A poster of your favourite band will attract the attention of fellow gig goers, whilst your holiday snaps might unite you with others who are also into the great outdoors.

You’ll have to bring your own bedding, and this is another opportunity to add a splash of colour to your room. All our beds are ¾ size, so make sure to choose double sheets, duvet and duvet covers. Minimalist, cosy florals or retro comic book characters – the choice is yours.

Pack a variety of clothes. You’ll probably want to dress to impress for Freshers’ Week and nights out, but when you’re busy studying or nipping to the shops a cosy hoodie and some jeans will be much appreciated. Be realistic about delicates too: will you really bother to hand wash that dress or iron that creasy shirt?

Think about what you like to do to relax as well. A couple of books, DVDs or your knitting will be handy for when you fancy a quiet night in.

We love personalisation, but make sure you will be able to return your room to its original state when you leave. You don’t want to be charged, so avoid using drawing pins, nails and sticky tape on the walls.

Come Armed to Take on the Kitchen

Whether you’re sharing your kitchen or you’ve got one all to yourself in a studio, it’s important to bring the right equipment. An oven, hob and microwave will be provided, but you’ll need to sort out the rest.

Crockery-wise, you’ll need plates, bowls and mugs. A bright design will jazz up your breakfast and also help you tell which stuff is yours. Pack cutlery to go with it – and don’t forget teaspoons, fishing your teabag out with a knife just isn’t the same.

Pack glasses too, maybe a few pint glasses for water, squash or beer, and wine glasses for when you’re feeling fancy. But don’t go for anything too posh, chances are you’ll break a few in the coming months! There’s nothing worse than bringing a bottle of wine home only to find it’s not a screw top, so grab yourself a bottle opener and cork screw.

And finally, there’s cooking utensils. Wooden spoons, a couple of pans of different sizes, a colander, chopping board and a sharp knife are all necessities. Scales are handy too. Measuring your portions will stop you wasting food, saving you money to spend on more exciting things.

Space can sometimes be an issue in shared kitchens though, so consider leaving your artisan bacon pan and extra large wok at home. Don’t worry about bringing your own kettle and toaster either, it’s much easier to club together with your flatmates for these once you get here – you don’t want six of each cluttering up the place.

Don't Forget Your Bathroom Essentials

A good way to plan this is to imagine you daily routine – what do you use in the shower? Do you bother with skincare? What styling products do you use on your hair? You can of course pick up toiletries when you’re here, but having a good supply gives you one less thing to think about.

Towels are important too. A couple of bath towels, plus a hand towel should be enough. Again, choosing a bright colour or distinctive design will make sure you don’t accidentally walk off with someone else’s. If you have a shared bathroom, a dressing gown is a must for going to and from the showers.

Studying Survival Kit

Most courses will send you a reading list in the summer, and it’s well worth tracking down the books you need before you start. With a bit of research you can find good value second hand copies of most things online, saving you from library queues and expensive university bookshops.

At university you’ll be expected to take responsibility for your own study, so you need to stay organised. Notebooks, ring binders and plastic wallets will help keep your notes in order, and well placed post-its can remind you of deadlines. A memory stick is also vital for looking after your essays.

Bring plenty of pens and pencils. Some people find that colour coding helps them learn, so think about investing in some highlighters or coloured pens too.

Library computers can get very busy, so definitely bring your laptop if you have one. With wifi as standard in your room and available across most university campuses, you can work wherever and whenever is best for you. As with all valuable items, however, make sure that it’s insured.

Need Any More Advice?

Our handy packing infographic has all the key things to remember when packing. And keep an eye on our blog for even more hints and tips to help you through your first year at uni.