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The Best Places To Eat In Cork At University

Studying in Cork? Cork has a reputation as the food capital of Ireland and finding out why should be at the top of your list during your time here at university. Not only are there countless top restaurants and vibrant pubs but also some excellent produce markets where you can taste some of the finest morsels made right here in this great city. 

So without further ado, here are some of the best places to eat in Cork whilst studying at university...


Paradiso isn’t just one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Ireland, it’s renowned across Europe as a must-visit place for fans of sustainable meat-free dining. They source their ingredients from a farm just outside the city, meaning it’s both seasonal and wonderfully eco-friendly. And don’t think you need to be an anti-meat student to enjoy it, it has rave reviews from diners of all persuasions.

The English Market

Widely regarded as one of the best food markets in Europe, you haven’t experienced Cork until you’ve enjoyed the sights, smells and tastes of Cork’s English Market. Here you can sample anything from local fruit and veg to artisan cheese to carefully-crafted chocolate. Eat your way around the market during the day and cook a tasty meal for your uni flatmates in the evening. 

The Farmgate Cafe

The Farmgate is a beautifully Irish food destination, praised by the Michelin guide inspectors. It’s based above a food market in Cork that has been around for over two centuries, using those very market stalls to provide ingredients for the day’s dishes. 

Dive Into Cork’s Homegrown Produce

The crystal clear waters, glorious green hills and never-ending scenery of this stunning city are home to some of the most loved food in the world. During your uni studies in Cork, make sure you try Clonakilty black pudding, Skeaghanore duck and farmhouse cheeses from world-renowned farms like GubbeenDurrus and Mileens. You can thank us later!

Explore A Traditional Smokehouse

Frank Hederman’s smokery is hailed as one of the key factors in Ireland’s food revolution, back in the 1970s. Here you can see a traditional smokehouse in action, where the most mouthwatering smoked salmon in the world is hung and sold to hungry students. And it’s not just salmon, you can also purchase smoked cheeses, butter, mussels and even smoked porridge oats! 

Irish Stout

Of course, it wouldn’t be a guide to Irish fare without mentioning something heavy and delicious to wash it down with. But unlike its neighbouring cities, Cork isn’t all about Guinness. Here the brewing industry is based around Murphy’s and Beamish, two thick Irish stouts with over a century and a half of history. 

For more tips and advice about things to do and places to go during your years at university in Cork, keep up to date with articles on the Uninest blog