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Studying in Liverpool, you’ll be surrounded by plenty of employment opportunities.

One of the best ways to get some on-the-job experience is by doing internships at tech companies. 

The good news is that there are many tech companies in the North West of England that offer summer internships or formal work placements as part of your course. 

You should really consider an internship in your penultimate year of studies as you’ll be more prepared for it after first year but also don’t want it to distract you from final year exams. An increasing number of shorter internships exist  -  ‘insight weeks’ - aimed at first year students and lasting around two weeks.

A benefit of internships at tech companies is that you may be fast tracked in the postgraduate recruitment process. The company already knows you and how you work, making you stand out from the pile of faceless CVs they receive.

Internships at tech companies in 2023:

BAE Systems  - Technology Summer Internship

When you sign up for this 12-week summer internship, you’ll be working alongside leading technology specialists to support and develop cutting-edge security systems against cyber theft.

Bank of America  - Technology and Operations Placement

Perhaps surprisingly, one of the best tech companies in the North West to offer internships is the Bank of America. They offer summer internship programmes, as well as 6-12 month off-cycle internships and industrial placements.
Get stuck into developing some cutting-edge innovations with one of the best big companies out there.

Deloitte  - Industrial Placements

Finding your feet in internships at tech companies doesn’t come much better than with Deloitte. Be part of a powerful collective impact in this 6-12 month stint, training and working alongside their first-year graduate intake. There are employment opportunities up for grabs too, so don’t skip this one.

Natwest  - Data and Analytics Summer Internship

This eight-week summer internship gives you invaluable experience working with data and Natwest stakeholders. You’ll get to develop dashboards to analyse trends and insights, in order to influence big decisions and improve customer experience.

PwC - Risk Summer Internship

Rub shoulders with graduate trainees and experienced professionals, while doing real work on real client projects and use cutting-edge technology to solve complex problems.

Barclays  - Technology Summer Analyst

Alongside their Developer Analyst, and Cyber and Security Analyst summer intern programmes, these are some of the best internships at tech companies in the North West.

Siemens - Computer Science/IT/Software Intern

The Siemens internship lasts 12 months and you’ll benefit from an individual training plan aimed at honing your skills and knowledge. You’ll be well-prepared for a professional career in Maintenance Management Systems and Application Design.

Airbus  - Assembly Technology Placement

At Airbus you’ll get some real hands-on experience, learning how to build an aircraft, how to digitise aircraft production using new technologies, while working in a transnational and intercultural environment. Looks great on the resume!

BT  - Summer Industrial Placement

This 12-week programme designed for students in their penultimate year develops your real-world skills, as you get to help solve some of the world’s biggest tech challenges. 
You’ll also build up a sterling CV working with this world-leading, globally-recognised tech business.

Virtual Internships

Some tech companies in the North West and beyond are even adopting the virtual and hybrid approach, adapting internships to the ever-changing tech landscape. One example is the Accenture Technology Foundations Virtual Experience Programme.

There are many more internships at tech companies in the North West - you just have to look for them. Get applying in advance - competition is fierce, but it’s well worth the effort!