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Moving to university comes with its own set of challenges: being independent, making friends, performing well in studies and starting to build a career, to name a few. But for international students, the task of doing all of that within the backdrop of moving to a whole new country can be so much more daunting. 

That’s why we dedicate so much effort to making sure that, as a resident from overseas, you are looked after like part of the family and your needs on quality, convenience, security and support are more than met by our accommodation and its friendly teams. 

“It was my first time in London and I was so amazed by the city. I’ve never been abroad,” says Dimitris Raidos, who moved to study in London a month after his national service ended back home in Greece. “I found The Student Housing Company by Googling for private halls. I saw that the reviews were very good... I wanted to [find] a place that would have everything.” 

Vineeth Manjunath, who, like Dimitris, is a resident at Therese House in London, came to study in the UK after finding a lack of reputable courses in education management in India. “I wanted to get an education abroad… and, since I like cricket, I narrowed my choice to England,” says Vineeth, whose other hobbies include yoga and photography. 

For both students, the quality and convenience of our student accommodation in London ranked high in the list of things they’ve enjoyed most about living with The Student Housing Company. “The location of Therese House makes it very convenient for me to get to training, the gym and yoga,” says Vineeth, who hits the cricket nets as often as he can. Likewise, Dimitris found everything he needs either in or nearby his accommodation. “The location of the halls is definitely the biggest plus, because I have everything around me: cinema, libraries, gym, supermarkets, Barking station on the Circle Line. I can go wherever I want.”

“When I study and want to make something to eat - [the] kitchen [is right] behind me. When I want to relax, watch a movie - it’s near me. I have my own bathroom, I have a window with a view,” adds the Social Research Methods student. 

Safety and security are concerns for any student, whether UK or overseas, and, again, The Student Housing Company delivers on both. “I feel the location is very safe. I always see people outside. It’s on the main road and pretty close to the Tube station,” explains Vineeth, while Dimitris says that the nightly patrols around the residences from security guards is “perfect.” 

Ultimately it was the support across study, socialising and settling in that meant the most to Dmitris: “Coming from another country, to live in another country for a year… it’s not that easy, so you need help from others. [The Student Housing Company team is] so polite, they’re so helpful. From the first day, they helped me with everything.”

“I had a study group over here once. All my friends asked me ‘how did you find this place?’... I think it is better than what [they have],” says Vineeth. 

It’s comments such as these which make us truly proud of our accommodation and service, and the experience of living with The Student Housing Company is summed up beautifully by Dimitris. 

“In the mornings when I wake up and see the sun rise… all your horizons are open,” he smiles. 

Thanks to Dimitris and Vineeth for taking part in our interview and video, which you can see in full here.

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