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Nous: British informal language meaning common sense or practical intelligence. Most of us have got a bit of nous from experience, but if you’ve not had the chance to get experience, or you haven’t been out much before, then what do you do?

Nowadays the best place to go and learn what to do is online, with friends and relatives being a close second. So here we are! Luckily for you, we’ve had plenty of friends and relatives who’ve given us sage advice which is relevant to this day.

So whether your freshers’ week is just about to start (Here’s looking at students in Oxford accommodation), or it’s or it’s just past (Hello students in Edinburgh, London, and many other great places) then here’s how to have good fun on any future night out:

Know the night

Look around to find a night you think is fun. If for example you’re in London student accommodation then there’s always plenty to do. Check with your accommodation to see if there are any special events on. Or check with your union and look around online.

Roll up roll up 

Get your tickets! If you look around earlyish you can find lower price tickets and save yourself a little bit of cash dollar money – this might even be enough for a nice wholesome breakfast next morning.

Rock up with wristbands

Some universities have wristbands you can get which link to a number of events, so you’ll save a bit of cash, and the ease of organisation means you can focus on the important job of getting to know the town and speaking to your student compatriots.

Make a meal of it

Always eat something tasty before you go out. You might be cooking for yourself for the first time, or you might be the kind of person who already knows your braiser from your griddle. Whatever the case is, have a meal. Because even if it’s a mere pot noodle, (although we would hope you make a proper meal) as William Shakespeare once said: “Daaaaaaang son! This food stuff is awesome.”

Stick it somewhere safe

Your bank card that is. Make sure you keep the bank card away from the night out. Figure out how much you can afford to spend before you even step foot outside of your student accommodation. Especially if you’re a student living in London: it’s surprising how easy it is easy to buy priceless Ming vases you don’t need.

Grab a group

While it’s normal to have some time on your lonesome during the day, it’s not such a great idea during the night. As you might still be in the process of making friends don’t worry too much about finding the perfect group just yet. Most of that stuff will come with time, it’s natural!

Lockdown the landscape

It might sound like the kind of thing your gran would tell you, but places change in the night time. What looks like a bank during the day might have a mega casino above it at night. Who knows? Get to know your local area and pick landmarks you know won’t change.

Shake off any Stevens

Trust us on this one, Steves are just bad news.

Fire up your phone

If there’s anything we learnt from drinking Sunny Delight it’s that juice makes everything better. So make sure your phone gets plenty of it, that way if you need to call anyone their friendly voice is always within reach.

Look after your belongings

It’s really important not to lose your important belongings. But if say you accidently misplace your debit card, or something similar, then make sure you get on to the relevant people as soon as possible. You’ll feel much better when the problem’s being fixed.

Bear all of this in mind, and take good care of yourself, then you’ll have a fantastic time on any night out. Even if you are a Steve. (We love Steves really)

Enjoy Yourself, Enjoy Your Night

We hope you had or have a great time during freshers’ week. If you have a story to tell us, or you’d like to know anything about our student accommodation, give us a shout at any time.