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Save water this World Water Day

On the 22nd of March we recognise World Water Day. On this day we dedicate our time to think on the importance of clean, fresh and sustainable water. Sadly over 2.2. billion people in the world continue to live without regular access to safe water. Populations continue to grow across the world, the agriculture and farming industries continue to change and develop, and this combined with the impacts of climate change means we need to all do what we can to rethink the way we use water!

We’ve grouped together some of our favourite tricks to reduce and optimise are water consumption:

1. Get steaming!

Steam your food to cut water usage and retain more of the natural nutrients.
If you do boil, try using the leftover water as a tasty stock for soups. Or let it cool and use it to water plants.

2. Reduce food waste

It takes a lot of water to produce all of our food. By eating what we have, planning meals and only buying what we need we can reduce food waste, save water, and save money.

3. Stick a lid on it!

Using the lid on saucepans reduces the amount of water lost through evaporation. It also helps your lovely veg cook more quickly.

4. Drink up!

Be sure to finish that mocha. If you add up all of the water used to produce the ground coffee for one cup, from irrigating the coffee beans to grinding them up, your 125ml cup actually equates to 132 litres. Seriously! 

5. Reduce food waste

Because we listened in Science class we know that growing food takes water. If we try our best to eat what we have, plan our meals and only buy what we truly need we can reduce what goes in our food waste, whilst saving water, and perhaps best of all save money.