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World Water Day held on 22 March each year focuses on the importance for freshwater. There are 2.2. billion people living without access to safe water. Water is under threat from growing populations, increased agriculture and industry, and the impacts of climate change.

Did you know we use six times as much water today as we did 100 years ago. The food we eat and the things we buy all adds up. It is important to reflect on our activities and consider – could we help conserve this vital resource?

There are easy things you can do to save water for everyone:

1. Quick dip!

If you cut your daily shower by 2 minutes you can save over 20 litres!

Try the Waterwise shower playlist on Spotify to keep you showers to 4 minutes, or why not create your own 4 minute playlist?

2. Buy less, use more

Did you know that throwing away half an avocado and buying another wastes six bathtubs of water? It’s not always easy to find out how big a water footprint is built into the food we eat or the clothes we wear.

But, by buying less, eating less water-intensive food and wasting less, we can play out part in reducing water shortages worldwide!

3. Rewear!

Washing clothes less frequently will save the worlds water and your money. A washing machine, on average, uses 52 litres of water every time you use it, so make sure it’s full when you put it on.

4. Turn off the taps!  

Leaving your tap running whilst brushing your teeth wastes so much water: 18 litres on average (if you’re brushing your teeth for the recommended 2 minutes). So, that equals 36 litres a day, 252 litres a week, or 13,104 litres a year down the drain (literally).

5. Only flush the 3 P’s – Pee, Poo and Paper

Being conscious of what goes down the toilet will help reduce blockages and prevent water lost from blocked pipes. Plus, it goes without saying, it will save a maintenance visit!  

6. Feed plants, not sinks

Keep a jug next to the kitchen tap to collect any water that you run when waiting for the tap to heat up. You can use this to water your houseplants.

For more ideas and information check out Water Aid’s blog!