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One of the most exciting things you can do this summer is to gather your friends for an excellent adventure. In this post, we look at some places you can go and what you need to have to make that right-of-passage road trip not just a duty, but a trip to remember.

British roads have this weird and unique personality. They come in a few different styles. Some short. Some of them are really stretched far out and long. While others are sort of bending: going this way, then going that.

We’ve had a bird’s eye view of the country (from Google maps) and recommended routes, we’ll also provide some tried and tested tips, to show you how to make the most of your experience.

Choose Your Own Adventure

London to Brighton

If London accommodation is your home, or you’re the adventurous kind, there’s a trip you can make from the big city over to one of the most happening areas of the south east.

Around 55 miles just south from London we have Brighton, the trendy and exciting coastal town. Some call it London by the sea, and there’s everything to do that you’d expect from a major city including cafes, museums, and big nights out. For the best route to get there, go south of the Thames and take the A23.

This is a great trip for those who want a short drive, depending on how many times your friends stop the car.

Scotland to the Outer Hebrides

If you’re already in Scotland, like you are in accomodation in Edinburgh, or even if you’re placed much farther away, a trip to the Outer Hebrides could be the perfect pastime for you and your pals.

At around 150 miles, you’re in for a big journey should you choose to head from Stornoway, the main town of the island, to the other side of the Outer Hebrides. You’ll see some cool and unique stuff along the way, including the Callanish standing stones which are like the Stonehenge, only more woah.

The area is fairly remote and quiet, so you’ll want to assess your options for were to stay. It’s not going to be the best place for clubbing, but exploring here could be quite the adventure with some of your closest friends.

You’ll maybe want to drive onto the ferry and then begin the long, single track journey to explore the island. It’s touted as one of Great Britain’s greatest travel experiences.

Birmingham to Wales

If you’re based somewhere around the middle of the country, like in student accommodation in Birmingham, then a trip over west side to the wonderful Wales may be just the adventure you need. It’s a big one: one for the truly adventurous.

Say you set off from Birmingham. Your journey is like 120 miles, depending on how much motorway VS country roading you do.

For things to do during the day explore Snowdonia, a beautiful national park, or head to the coastal town Conwy, which has got plenty of things to do including cafes, bars, or some history and culture.

Those itching to get a groove on can hit up the nearby major cities in England, such as Liverpool or Chester, by going only an hour or so further in the car.

Manchester to the Lake District

At two to three hours or roughly over 90 miles away from Manchester, the Lake District has loads of outstanding open spaces for you and your friends to explore together. This unique bit of England was the place which inspired poets like William Wordsworth to write lots of their flowery work.

If you feel like some additional excitement after you have spent the day exploring the lakes, you can either set up camp, find a hotel, or head to nearby cities such as Newcastle –only a couple of short roadtripping hours away.

Adventure Advice

Here are some tried and tested tips to help you make the most of your experience:

Your Roadtrip

Whatever you decide to do this summer, we hope you have fun. If you go on an amazing trip, do tell us how your time was spent.

To get in touch with us about anything else, you can drop us an email at any time. And remember, whenever you find yourself on a road, no matter what route you choose, it’s the journey and the friends that matter.