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There are lots of things you can get up to when you’re not studying or partying.

Portsmouth is famous for its shipbuilding heritage, so you should definitely go and check out the museums and attractions at the Historic Dockyard at least once while you’re studying here. After you’ve seen enough old ships and all of that, there’s other stuff to do round there – pubs, bars, restaurants, and the No.6 Cinema (for some arthouse film vibes).

The Spinnaker Tower – that huge futuristic-looking tower by the harbour – is a must-visit during your first few weeks. You’ll get a stunning panoramic view of the south coast, and can brave the glass floor if you dare!

Sports and other uni societies are big amongst Portsmouth’s student community. If you’re a keen athlete or you want to become one, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get involved with the sport(s) of your choice, because the city has state-of-the-art facilities and an enthusiastic culture of inclusion.