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Parents! Your kids are in safe hands

So your daughter or son has received their university offer? Congratulations! It’s a time full of excitement as they take their first step in developing the skills and independence to set them up for adulthood and a career in whatever they choose to do. 

But like most, your child’s new found freedom might whip up a little uncertainty along the way.  From learning to do the weekly shop and managing their money to getting to know a new city and making friends. It’s a big adjustment for parents, as well as students themselves, but here at Uninest you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. 

Since the start of our journey in 2014, Uninest Student Residences has strived to provide the best student accommodation in Ireland, at our residences in Corkand Dublin. Not only that, but we also want to provide the best living experience we possibly can, by offering stylish, secure and sociable student living. 

We might not have all the secrets on how to win at exams (although we do post useful study tipson our blog and social channels), but we can make the following commitments to ensure your child has the best experience when living with us, so you can put your mind at ease. 

Our team are on call 24/7

You might think that once you’ve sent your child off to college, that’s it. They’re on their own with no one to lean on if things go wrong. But at Uninest, that’s not the case. From figuring out how to use the washing machine, to feeling a little overwhelmed with uni life, our team of Resident Advisors are always on hand, 24 hours a day in fact. 

We hand pick the people who work in our accommodation, and they’ve been chosen for their integrity, friendliness, and willingness to go that bit further. Although our RA’s may not be white good operators (we have our maintenance team for that!) or trained counsellors, they’re pretty good at making a cup of tea, and solving any problems our residents throw at us. 


Security is incredibly important to us

It’s really important to us that as parents, you know your child is safe at all timeswhilst living with us. It can be unnerving not knowing what they’re up to all the time when you’re so used to listening out for them to come home each day. So from 24 hour CCTV, to all of our flats, studios and individual rooms having key card entry, security is high on our list of priorities.   

We’ve also got locked bike storage, and receptions across our student residences to look after any parcels or post securely!


And, there’s lots of social opportunities too!

Moving to a new city, with new places, and new people can be scary. So helping our student residents settle in and make friends is something we always try to support and encourage. 

We host regular social nights from welcome parties to wellbeing nights, and we’re even known to celebrate pancake day, Chinese New Year, and much much more; there’s something for everyone. And if you thought that wasn’t enough, our residents also benefit from great communal spaces, including cinema rooms and games rooms! 

At Uninest Student Residences, our residents come first, and through these promises, we strive to deliver an experience that helps put parent’s minds at ease. 
If that sounds like the kind of student accommodation provider you’re looking for, get in touch now.