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Moving to University? Here’s your essential checklist

You've managed to get through A-Level exams, tough interviews and multiple drafts of your CV, and now the time has finally come to move out to university. Some of the best experiences of your life are just around the corner, but first, you need to pack. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin. We’ve put together the ultimate ‘what to take to university checklist’ to help you on your way.

1. Clothes

First off, pick some of the best items from your wardrobe. But this doesn’t mean bringing enough clothes to start your own fashion show. Lay out your clothes and pick out the outfits you know you’ll definitely wear, and pack them in your suitcase. And think variety - you want something comfy to relax in while revising with a hot chocolate, not to mention some stylish gear for those big nights out with your new friends. It’s worth thinking about the Irish weather too - pack something that’ll keep you warm and dry through those winter weeks, plus some summer clothes for those sunny days out in the park. Remember, if you're going to be using a communal laundry area, you might want to bring some multi-purpose backup items in case you can’t get to a washing machine in time.

2. Toiletries

Whether you're sharing a bathroom or you've got a bedroom with an en-suite, bring your essential toiletries. The last thing you want on your mind is having to buy a toothbrush when you reach your new home. Obviously, you should put customised products like retainers or contact lenses on top of the list to save having them posted out to you. And don’t forget your skincare routine - make sure to bring everything you need for your morning and night-time rituals.

3. Kitchenware

If you’re a home chef in the making, you should double-check that your favourite cooking utensils are brought along for the ride. After all, everyone loves a well-made meal. If cooking isn’t high on your list of priorities, at least bring a few basics like plates and cutlery, not to mention a pan for those late-night bowls of pasta.

4. Bedding

You might not be able to bring your entire mattress with you, but an extra pillow or a spare set of sheets will go a long way in terms of comfort. Plus, having a familiar sight in your bedroom is an excellent way to feel connected to your family home.

5. Storage

You’ll almost certainly pick up new stuff while at university, from clothes shopping at vintage stores to online shopping for those must-have trinkets, and you’re going to need somewhere to store them. Of course, you'll already have a suitcase, but if you can squeeze in a fold-up box to go under your bed, the extra storage space will prove very useful in the long run.

6. Electronics

lt goes without saying, but make sure you pack everything you need for your online life, covering both work and relaxation. This means phones, chargers, laptops and any useful extras like extension leads and adaptors. If they're fragile, make sure you pack them extra-carefully or keep them on your person during the big move.

Follow our what to take to university checklist to make the switch to the next stage of your life a whole lot easier, leaving you free to spend your time making close friends and great memories in your new Uninest accommodation.