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Moving to the UK to Study: Everything You Need to Know

Studying in a different country is an exciting opportunity, and it’s one that thousands of students take up every year. The UK Council for International Student Affairs estimates that there were 442,375 international students studying in the UK between 2016 and 2017, and that number is only going up. London is the most popular city among international students, with people travelling from as far as China and Australia to study here.

There is plenty on offer for international students in the UK, including some of the world’s highest-ranking universities, cities that are full of culture, and strong industry links (both nationally and internationally). If you’re heading to the UK to study, here’s how you should prepare to make the most of your time as a student:


So you’ve booked your flight, you’ve packed, and now you’re ready to go. Make sure that you have the following:

When you land in the UK, it may be cold and wet, so make sure you’ve packed a raincoat! Once you’ve got that covered, you will need…


UK universities provide great support for international students, but here are some other key contact details to note down in case you need a little extra support.


A large part of the UK student experience is meeting new people, socialising, and getting involved with the many student events that are on offer. Moving to a new country and away from your family might make you feel a little bit homesick, but universities offer plenty of groups and societies where you can pursue new (or existing) interests and thereby make new friends.

The great thing about clubs and societies is that you will always be able to meet like-minded people. Whether you enjoy playing sport or you’d prefer to take a painting class, there will be an activity that suits you – you just have to get stuck in.


Thousands of tourists visit UK cities every single year, but there is only so much that you can do in a short holiday. When you move to a new country, you have the opportunity to explore the city properly. From cultural attractions to hidden gems, you’ll have plenty of time to get out and see it all.

Many international students use their time to explore the rest of the UK while they’re here. In comparison to other countries, the UK is small, and you will be just a short drive, train ride, bus ride, or flight away from other tourist cities. As a student, you’ll be given plenty of discounts on travel, food, and retail, so take advantage of it while you can and get exploring!


There are different types of accommodation in the UK, and it’s all about finding the right place to suit your needs. You can choose a provider that looks after everything for you, or you can choose to take a more independent approach. Have a look at our locations and see what we offer.