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University is an exciting time of your life. You (finally) get to leave home, enjoy a taste of independence, meet and make friends with a ton of new people, get involved with loads of different social things, and study something you love. But uni life can bring a number of challenges along the way too.

Adjusting to life away from home, managing your own finances, and getting used to a new study routine can be quite stressful. Although stress isn’t a mental health problem, it can lead to or trigger illnesses such as depression and anxiety. So, with everything that’s going on, staying both physically and mentally well is really important. The last thing you want is to become overwhelmed by the university lifestyle.

Your wellbeing and health are paramount to us at The Student Housing Company, so we wanted to hear from you. Our team asked 2,460 students across the UK about their university experiences and the factors that might impact their wellbeing or mental health. From exam stress to money worries, you’ve told us what makes you tick and what plays on your mind the most.

We’ve spent ages poring over the results and come up with some advice on how to handle potential difficulties during your time at university, to make sure you stay well and have the best possible uni experience. Take a look at our infographic below...