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Liverpool is renowned for its quirky independent cafés and restaurants and there are some great eateries right on your doorstep. Both of these first two places are less than 10 minutes away on foot.

Moose Coffee (on Dale Street) is an “American & Canadian Authentic Breakfast” establishment – which is all we need to hear. It’s the pancake capital of Liverpool, and also does pretty good waffles, French toast, huevos rancheros, hash browns, and other such stuff. Have breakfast there and you probably won’t feel remotely hungry again until the evening!

Five Guys (on Queen Square), if you don’t already know about it, is an American burger chain that has only quite recently opened up branches in the UK. It’s “next-level” – trust us. Their standard burger is a double – if you want a more sensibly sized one, you have to ask for “Little” (which it’s still huge!). You’ll pay a bit more here than you would at McDonald’s or Burger King, but it’s so worth it.

Now let’s go further afield (but still only a 15-minute stroll from Ablett House)…

LEAF Cafe is one of Liverpool’s best all-rounders. It’s a coffeehouse, tearoom, eatery, bar and gig venue, all rolled into one. If you’re ever on or around Bold Street and you fancy a break from perusing all the independent shops and what have you, take a seat in Leaf and see what jumps out at you from the menu.

One minute down the road you’ll find Bold Street Coffee. As you’d expect, it’s certainly the place to go for a carefully crafted caffeine injection, but they do great food too – check out their Instagram and you’ll see.

While we’re still in the Bold Street area, it’s worth mentioning BrewDog. You’re quite right – it is a craft beer bar rather than a food place, but they do serve one type of food: burgers. And what goes better than burgers and beers?