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It’s been a busy old week here at The Student Housing Company! With Chinese New Year, Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day events happening across our residences, we’ve had a great time!

So what’s been going on where?! London kicked us off with a good old fashioned common room party at Depot Point in honour of Chinese New Year! As it was the year of the fire monkey we had a monkey pinyata, pin the tail on the monkey, and make your own decorations along with loads of food, drink and fortune cookies!  Valentines Day was just as busy with cupcakes, jelly beans, cards and love hearts for all of our residents!

The Courtrooms in Bristol are next up, with fortune cookies and traditional sweeties at reception for Chinese New Year, fortune telling on the way to lectures definitely cheered up that rainy Monday morning! Personalised meme cards lovingly handmade by the team, were available on reception for Valentines Day along with the ‘You’re beautiful, pass it on’ cards for the more romantic among us!

Team Edinburgh has a whopping 9 events on the go! Chinese New Year saw treasure hunts and goodie bags across all 3 residences, with a decorate your own Pancake Day competition following close behind, Facilities Assistant John at Brae House was resident chef for the day! Valentines Day was all about the sweets with mini good bags and cards for all of our residents at Arran House and Canal Point , plus Nandos vouchers and chocolates for a few of our treasure hunt winner at Brae House!

Ayton House created an epic Valentine’s Day Card on the window for all of our St Andrews residents, Pancake Day meant free pancakes for everyone at reception with all your favourite toppings and Chinese New Year saw loads of decoration, cards, and traditional Chinese sweets!

Ablett House in Liverpool had fortune cookies and decorations on Chinese New Year and went big on Tuesday with a Pancake Day Instagram competition and had some amazing entries! It was tough to choose a winner with these skills on show…

If you like what you see why not come live with us? There’s always something going on and we have so many student accommodation options to choose from including residences in Southampton and Cardiff opening this year! Want to know more? Check out our locations here.