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Frequently asked questions about life at Goldsmith Court 

Thinking about moving to Nottingham for university? You’ve probably got lots of questions before deciding if the city is for you.

We’ve pulled together the top FAQs about life at Goldsmith Court which will hopefully help answer some of your questions. Take a look below! 

Is Nottingham a safe place to live?  

Yes, Nottingham is a safe place to live and study. However, as with all major cities, it’s important to be cautious and aware of your surroundings and follow general safety practices.  

What white goods are included in my tenancy? 

You’ll have access to on-site laundry facilities which includes washing machines and tumble dryers. You can use these whenever you need to for the duration of your stay.  

How far is Goldsmith Court from campus? 

Goldsmith Court is conveniently located to Nottingham Trent University, the University of Law, and the University of Nottingham. From Goldsmith Court, you can reach Nottingham Trent University within a 1-minute walk, arrive at the University of Law in 12-minutes by foot, and reach the University of Nottingham in 22-minutes by bus.  

How long is the student tenancy at Goldsmith Court?  

There are different options available depending on which type of accommodation you choose. Some rooms offer a 46 week stay, whilst others offer a 51 week stay. This is all dependent on availability, so we’d advise you book your room in advance so you don’t miss out!  

What does my rent cover at Goldsmith Court?  

You’ll be good to go from the moment you move into Goldsmith Court as your rent covers pretty much everything you need. All your bills are included, as well as high speed Wi-Fi - and your room will be fully furnished.   

Do students pay council tax? 

Good news – full time students don’t need to pay any council tax, so there’s no need to worry about this extra cost.  

Why Yugo? 

Our student accommodation is more than just a place to live and learn. We give our students a supportive place to grow, both on and off campus. And alongside your amazing accommodation, you’ll experience the great and desirable lifestyle that Goldsmith Court provides! 

So, there you have it! Our top FAQs about life at Goldsmith Court. We hope you found the answer you were looking for - but if you didn’t, please check out our UK FAQs or simply get in touch.