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Despite Concerns Regarding Future Debt, University is Worth it, Say Students

United Kingdom, 28th February 2023: With UCAS deadlines fast approaching and prospective students being forced to finalise their university choices, many are looking ahead as they consider their promising future career prospects.

New research released today has revealed that most (85%) students believe that a university education is a major factor in their progression towards their future career aspirations. 79% of students also stated that they feel their university experience also helps prepare them to transition beyond university life through softer skills development such as teamwork, time management, cooking and networking.

However, half of students (50%) also stated that they think their university could do more to offer work experience or internship opportunities to help them prepare for their future careers.

Just under half (42%) said that their university could provide more careers advice and a third (30%) would appreciate more insight into what working life is really like.

The research also revealed that students believe factors including appearance, ethnicity and class play an important role in securing future career positions.

A fifth (20%) claimed that appearance was the most important factor in landing their dream role, with 11% claiming ethnicity, gender and class played a part. Nearly a third (32%) said contacts were the key factor.

The research was commissioned by leading global student housing brand Yugo. The study analysed the views of 6,000 university students around the world, including over 1,000 in the UK, where students gave their respective universities an average rating of 7.3 out of 10 for quality of education.

Over two thirds (69%) know the future career they want to pursue before going to university, with 54% stating that they go for the benefit of their future career.

Almost three quarters (74%) go to university for the value of the education, and 40% admit to going for the fun experience. The research revealed that 15% also admitted to going because they feel that they are expected to.

Richard Brenner, Operations Director, Europe at Yugo, said:

“Supporting students beyond lectures is a vital part of making their university experience a successful one. At Yugo, we take a holistic approach to education and offer collaborative events and projects through our Live Your Best Life program to provide our students with opportunities to grow personally.

Our program empowers young people beyond the classroom and prepares them for their careers, offering, career advice, real-life experience, coaching and empowerment."

When asked who inspires and motivates them most, students cited their parents (50%), successful businesspeople (41%) and those who stand up for what they believe in (38%). University tutors (43%) and parents (26%) were also recognised as the most trusted by students for future career advice.