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Book in our residences in Oviedo and Salamanca and save 200€

The return to reality is hard. We hardly remember the afternoons at the beach, the typical tingling at the airport and how we force as much as possible into the suitcase. Ayyyyy! the summer .... what joys you have given us and now we have to return (suffer) in September.

September is the month of new resolutions, of going back to work and studies. For most urbanites, September is when the new year begins, not in January, is it the same for you? It's time to get into the action with that 'to do' list that you have on your mobile phone: set up your laptop, check the admission list of various courses, check for the tenth time when you start uni, convince your parents to book a place in that cool student residence you've seen.... Wait! we can help you here, read on!

Earn 200€ when you book your student residence

At Nexo Residencias we want to make it even easier for you in your first year of uni. If you book before September 15 2021, in our Student Residence Oviedo Aller or in our University Residence Platina in Salamanca, you will get 200€. That's how simple our Cashback promotion is with which we want to welcome new members of the Nexo family.

Let us explain more about how this promotion works:

It is only applicable to new bookings for the 2021/2022 academic year. Thank you if you’re already part of our student residences....sorry!

The accommodation contract must be for a minimum of 9 months; except in our Student Residence in Oviedo where the minimum contract is 7 months. The reason? you may ask, we are aware of the number of students who go to Oviedo to prepare for the MIR and an extra hand is not bad for them.

Have you already had your eye on something to invest those 200 euros? Well, we are sorry to tell you that this amount has no cash redemption value, it is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for any other prize. So, what is the use of those 200 Euros? We will apply it to the last accommodation fee of your 9-month contract.

Our Student Residence in Oviedo

Of course, we've noticed that we haven't told you about our two residences where you can apply for the promotion. Let's start with our residence in Oviedo.

Our Student Residence Aller in Oviedo is the youngest of the whole family, and we have just opened it for the first time! Here you will find leisure, cultural and sports activities to your liking and a gastronomic offer with a northern flavour that will leave you speechless. If this is your first year of university in Oviedo or if you are going to prepare for the MIR exam in Oviedo and you are lost in the search for accommodation .... come and meet us!

We have multiple options of single rooms: basic, with terrace, premium, superior and adapted for people with reduced mobility. As you can see there is a variety to choose from depending on your tastes, although they have everything you need to enjoy your stay to the max: comfortable bed, desk and storage space, air conditioning and individual heating in each room...

You may be wondering if you will have to clean your room..... ahem ahem, don't worry, we take care of that, although we don't like to find socks on the floor, thank you! So, what's included in the reservation?

A full-board where you will enjoy delicious and healthy homemade menus. Of course, we adapt to any problem of allergies or food intolerances.

Daily cleaning of rooms and weekly change of towels and sheets.

WIFI throughout the residence including your room.

24-hour security.

Parcel and mail service.

Room maintenance service.

Bike parking.

And we haven't even told you the best part yet, the common areas! living rooms, study areas, laundry, restaurant, outdoor areas, concert and rehearsal room and bar. Because the goal of our student residence in Oviedo is to make you feel at home, either by having moments of solitude and tranquillity in your room or sharing a few laughs with your classmates.

Come and visit our student residence in Oviedo, we love to receive visitors!

University Residence Patina in Salamanca: a step away from the campus

And if you thought that our student residence in Oviedo was new.... pay attention to her sister in Salamanca! What if we tell you that you are going to inaugurate it? And we are celebrating because we will soon open a university residence Platina in Salamanca, the city of students par excellence. Of course, you will not be late to class in our hostel, because we are right on the university campus, near the University of Salamanca and the Pontifical University of Salamanca.

The first big decision in a student residence is to choose your room: studio, with terrace, basic, premium or adapted for people with reduced mobility. Also with all the services included, our university residence will accompany you in your first year in Salamanca thanks to the organization of activities, workshops and courses where you can meet people like you. And the location of our residence is unbeatable: green areas, bars and universities within walking distance.

So, we have given you many reasons to book in some of our student residences: take advantage of the promotion and save 200€; enjoy the amenities we offer; take advantage of the all-inclusive and full board; they are residences created by and for you, according to your needs and tastes; and with the guarantee of Nexo Residences, a reference in the field of student residences.

Will you let us accompany you in your first year of university?

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