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It’s the time to meet new people and socialise with students from all across the world, but, wait a minute – how do you do this on a tight student budget? Here’s how…

1. Nights In

Nothing beats a night in every now and then, and no-one’s saying it has to be a quiet one. Get the board games and the cards out, pop a movie on, play some music – do whatever you feel like.

The best thing about a night in? You get to invite who you want to spend time with, plus you’re saving pennies by staying home. It’s the perfect time to catch up, because we all know how busy it is juggling lectures, exams, and part-time jobs.

It’s a great way to socialise with other students in your building. Fill bowls up with popcorn (are you sweet or salty?) and have a cosy, chilled night at home.

2. Take a Stroll

If you’re feeling a little rough from the night(s) before, going for a fresh walk outside is exactly what the hangover-headache ordered. You’re lucky too because you’re in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Dublin.

Now, we’re all about saving money and sticking to a budget, so, forget about all the paid walking tours of Dublin, you’re going to create your own one. Here’s an example of a street-art tour you can take in your own time. You don’t have to buy a ticket, you don’t have to listen to a tour guide, and you can go at your own leisurely pace. It’s a perfect way to get to know the streets of the city you’re in, and to socialise on a budget.

Street-Art Tour:

●       Start off at the Temple Bar, where you’ll be met by Conor Harrington’s outdoor masterpiece: Black Herds of the Rain.

●       Take a 3-minute walk to the Button Factory venue to see long-established street artist Maser and his piece BP Fallon.

●       13-minute walk to Francis Street to get an Instagram-worthy shot of American artist El Mac’s street art.

●       Make your way to the Bernard Shaw – a 19-minute walk from Francis Street – where Maser has collaborated with Australian artist Fintan McGee.

●       Last stop is a 15-minute walk to Merrion Row to get your second look at Conor Harrington’s work.

It’s not just street art that Dublin has to offer. Grab your mates and get stuck into Dublin’s history and foodie scene. Your strolls through the city don’t have to break the bank, and it’s a great way to socialise with friends and meet new and like-minded people. Dublin has a lot more to offer than a pint of Guinness.

3. Deals

There’s no better way to stay on a budget than to hunt down all the student deals. And guess what? Dublin is full of them. Whether you’re after a few drinks, a feast, or to catch a movie, then pay close attention because we’ve got you covered.


●       Howl at the Moon offers €2.50 drinks every Wednesday.

●       Capitol Bar offers 2-for-1 cocktails on Tuesdays.

●       Dicey’s Garden offers €2 pints on Sundays and Mondays.


●       Apache Pizza gives you a small pizza with two toppings, chips, and a drink for €5, Monday to Thursday.

●       Mexico to Rome gives you a starter, a main, and a glass of house wine or soft drink for €9.95.

●       Captain America’s gives you 2-for-1 on main courses from Monday to Wednesday.

If you like watching things on the big screen then you can do some movie-socialising at The IFI, where Student Monday gives you 2-for-1 tickets. Can’t say no to that, can you?

4. Let’s Get Cultural

We all know Dublin is renowned for its nightlife, but it’s time to get cultural. Visiting museums and galleries is a great way to socialise on a budget, and, best of all, you get to discover Dublin and explore its rich cultural scene.

It’s not all about the Guinness Factory. Gain free entry to the National Museum of Ireland, the National Gallery of Ireland, the National Botanic Gardens, and various other sites to keep socialising with your friends without breaking the bank.

5. Celebrate Dublin

A city full of charm, charisma, and most importantly: Guinness. It’s time to embrace Dublin and celebrate the city as a whole. Talk to the locals, hang out in the beautiful gardens, and acknowledge the ways you can meet people from all over the world in Ireland’s capital.

If you’re struggling for places to go (we don’t know how), here are Dublin’s top student places to begin your adventure.

Now, grab your phone and pick your favourite Instagram filter, because we can’t wait to see your Dublin socialising stories. Show us on Facebook or tweet us @UninestIreland.