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While you can’t paint the walls or do any drastic DIY, there are some things that you can do to make your home away from home feel a bit more homely.

  1. Add a bit of green with some indoor Plants

    Plants improve the air quality and making you breathe fresher air whilst allowing you to think clearer. Plants also help reduce stress and create a general feeling of well-being. They’re the perfect companion for stressful study periods.
  2. Nice bedding and towels

    Not only does nice bedding feel great but it also adds character and personality to your bedroom. Selecting the right patterns and styles can make your room feel bigger, cleaner and stylish. Make sure you choose the right fabric too as it’ll help you sleep better. Cotton sheets are great for keeping you cooler in the heat.

     A stylish towel draped over the radiator goes a long way to complement the room and doesn’t have to be a day to day essential.
  3. Rugs and Cushions

    Great for adding a bit of warmth, underfoot rugs are another way to put your stamp on your new room. They’re ideal for keeping heat in, making them energy efficient but also good for absorbing sound and reducing echo too.

     Cushions can add a pop of colour to any room and help make it look very stylish for next to nothing. And you might need that extra one to cuddle up to in the winter.
  4. Put up photos and postcards

    Occasionally you might miss home and your friends. Decorate your shelves and walls with photos of your friends and family. Photos are the best way to personalise your room and make it feel homely.
  5. Ambience lighting

    Nothing quite like a film in the dark is there? Leave the candles at home and opt for a bit of ambience lighting instead to make your room feel cosy.

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