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5 things to buy with €500

Hands up who got a delivery today?

(puts hand up)

Shopping online is more popular than ever. It is safe, easy and sometimes cheaper! Here at Uninest Student Residences we also like to make it easy with automated email notifications when your package is ready for collection - shameless, quick self-promotion. 

We know how much you, our residents, order online so not only are we giving you €500* to spend on Amazon when you rebook, but we have also collated 5 of the best things you can buy on for €500.

iPhone SE 128GB, Red - €496.68

So it might not be the latest, but it isn't half bad. With 4.7" retina HD display, all the major selfie enhancers like optimised lighting, depth control and 4K video this encompasses all the tech you need, but still keeping mum happy with and SMS.

Gucci Unisex Silver G Motif Bracelet - €463.83

Ummm excuse you with a casual Gucci bracelet. It's short sleeves from now on with this statement piece. We love that it's one of those pieces not obviously branded, something subtle you know. 

Vinyl Record Player - €496.68

Time to get the vinyl collection out. This record player is top of the line:

It comes in 7 colour options and would make a fine addition to your desk space. You would even have €4 leftover to get yourself down to the nearest record shop for a bargain. Has Steps' newest album gone to vinyl yet?

HP Chromebook X360 - €497.77

14 inch HD display, touch-screen flip over, 4 GB RAM and all the other good stuff you'd expect. Reviews say the charge lasts all day, it has a super sleek design with silver colour. Plus this find comes with a 1 year subscription to Google One - enahcned storage for your next project!

and the big one...

PS5 - €499

Currently out of stock because, in case you haven't heard, it's pretty popular. Keep checking back on this one and next year you can snap up the latest console craze. There are literally too many positives of the PS5 to list here, but if immersive gaming, mega speed gameplay and the best audio of any console are your sort of thing then this is the choice for you. If you fancy saving some coins then go for the digital edition. Considering most of our rooms, common areas and communal living rooms come with TV's included this is a must.

We can't guarantee the availability or validity if you were to order one of the above, but what we can guarantee is that if you rebook for 2021 - 2022 you will receive an Amazon voucher up to €500* to spend exactly as you choose. Simply visit your online account or speak with your award winning reception team to guarantee your spot in the best student accommodation in town. 

*T&C's Apply