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5 Reasons to Get a Summer Job – And How to Impress Employers

So you’ve got through a whole year of uni and come out the other side. You’ve battled freshers’ flu, you’ve powered through the cold winter months, and you’ve endured the heartbreak of sitting in the library as the weather outside has become graduallys warmer. But you’ve made it. Summer is finally here, all the hard work has paid off, and you’ve finished the year with a positive outlook. Now what?

Do you book yourself a summer getaway and chill on the beach with a nice cold beer? Or do you go home and spend some quality time with your family? Regardless of what you choose to do, you’re going to need a bit of extra cash to make it happen, and there’s no better way to do so than landing yourself a job throughout the summer months. If you’re still not convinced, our top five reasons to get a summer job will have you scouring the web for available positions in no time at all.

It Boosts Your CV

When you finish your degree and start looking for jobs that will kickstart your career, potential employers will be on the lookout for certain skills that tell them you’ll be able to do that job. You might be wondering how you’re supposed to demonstrate this when you haven’t had a job in that field before, but summer positions give you the opportunity to utilise key skills that will transfer to a range of roles.

Whether you get a summer job in your desired industry or you choose to go for a part-time role in retail or hospitality, you’re telling potential employers that you can work as part of a team, that you take initiative when necessary, and that you are a reliable and trustworthy member of staff – not to mention that these roles will prove to employers that you’re dedicated to your personal development to the extent that you’ll work when you don’t necessarily have to.

It Builds Your Confidence

If you’ve gone through uni without securing a part-time job and have instead focused solely on your studies, you might not know what it’s like stepping into a new environment and tackling a task that is completely new to you. Securing a job through the summer months will give you a taste of working life, which allows you to develop an understanding of how you should act in a work environment.

This will take the edge off when you do come to start a job on your chosen career path, because you will have already learned how to handle certain situations, making you a more confident employee. This is great for you, because it will help you to settle into future jobs more easily, and it’s great for your employer, because it assures them that you will be a productive member of staff.

You’ll Gain and Maintain a Sense of Independence

Uni is a time where you will learn how to be independent and look after yourself. Out of the watchful eyes of your parents, you’ve got to cook, clean, and manage your money. But when the summer months arrive and you find yourself back at home, it’s easy to fall into the trap of letting your family take care of you again. This can undo all your hard work, making settling back into uni life difficult when you return.

Although you probably won’t have to deal with bills and food costs, a summer job gives you the opportunity to manage your finances, making sure you stay on top form. So when you do return to uni, you’ll be able to start the year right – and you’ll maintain that positive, productive mindset that we were talking about earlier on.

You’ll £arn Some Ca$h Money

The best thing about the summer is that you can use the time to focus on yourself. Whether this means working on your personal development, or just enjoying yourself, the summer months are more for you than anything else. Whatever you choose to do, you’re going to need some money to do it. You might want to go on holiday with your friends, or you might want to go to a couple of music festivals while you don’t have to focus on your studies – either way, you’ll need money to do it.

Not only is it nice to have money to spend on things, but you’ll also have the opportunity to manage your finances. A summer job might be your first taste of a stable income, and knowing what to do with the cash – whether this is saving it or spending it – is an essential skill that will help you in life.

You’ll Hone Your Interview Skills

We mentioned earlier that summer work gives you the skills to stand out from the competition when it comes to securing your first full-time job. But the process of applying for a summer job is also good practice for when you do finish your degree and you start looking for permanent roles. You will gain an understanding of how to tailor your applications to meet the employer’s needs and to highlight your most relevant skills, as well as giving you good practice in interview situations.

Job interviews can be a daunting process if you’re not too sure what to do; you might wonder what the employer is going to ask you, and whether you are answering the questions right. The best way to learn how to deal with tricky job interviews is by doing them, which will set you up for interview success further down the line.

Focus on Yourself

Securing a summer job is just one way to give yourself a head start when it comes to your future career. The summer months are a time for focusing on yourself, and if you’re on the lookout for more ways to develop yourself and get the most out of your time as a student, our blog is packed with useful tips to help you get by".