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5 hacks to fill your room with plants

Customising your university room is something every student looks forward to. Stationery sets for the ultimate desk space, fairy lights hanging from every shelf and a new fluffy blanket are essentials to create that home away from home when studying in a new location. 

Some of the best rooms we’ve seen in our UK residences use in-door plants. Not only do they add a pop of colour, but they are also considered to improve mental wellbeing, air quality and even energise your university room – perfect for late-night revision. There are so many reasons for using greenery to complement your surfaces, but we all know the green things don’t always want to survive despite our best efforts to love them. So, we’ve compiled our top 5 favourite hacks to keeping your student accommodation room filled with plants:

1. Cactuses or Cacti?

Either way, these hardy prickle pals are accustomed to live in the desert, with minimal watering and harsh temperatures. If you’re new to plant parenthood or a regular plant killer, consider starting with an Agave or Echeveria to add some cool green tones to your windowsill that will stick around no matter how you care for them.

2. Coffee for two

Did you know most plants love coffee? How relatable. Although, they’re not in it for the caffeine hit; it is actually because the acid in coffee can give certain plants a boost. Simply keep your coffee grounds after your morning brew, leave them to cool and then add to the soil of ferns, gardenias and more. 

3. Plant parenthood to the max

If it turns out you’re watching your plants thrive, rather than survive, then consider propagating them. This is a fancy way of saying, start new plants from the cuttings or pups of your current ones. We recommend the spider plant to start! This bad boy creates baby versions of its self. You will find mini-me' sprouting from each ‘leaf’ after a short time. Simply snip at the base of the plantling, replant in fresh soil, water and look on in pride.

4. Switching up positions

Follow the wise words of Ariana Grande and switch up the positions of your pots. This is especially useful if you see two plants looking a bit lifeless. Swap them from desk to bedside, to windowsill and more to test different light exposures. It’s always best to follow the guidance that comes with a new green friend, but even plants get bored of sunbathing sometimes. 

5. Try a plant subscription

These subscription services have become very popular in recent years. You simply have an upfront cost or instalment plan for 3 or 6 months and you can guarantee a new plant being added to the family every month until you can fit no more! If this sounds like your kind of thing, consider booking your room with us for the academic year 2021 – 2022 and we’ll sign you up for a free 6-month subscription to Bloombox Club

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